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Locking unit ifor oxygen masks in aircrafts

Customised Solution

Locking unit for oxygen masks in aircrafts

Leading aircraft manufacturers worldwide entrust Kendrion Kuhnke Automation with their passengers' safety. In the unlikely event of pressure loss in the cabin, oxygen masks are automatically released overhead the passenger seats.

Our solution

For this application Kendrion Kuhnke Automation has developed and produced the entire locking unit with aviation certified materials.

A bistable solenoid system is the core of the unit. During normal operation the integrated permanent solenoid maintains the locked state currentless. In case of emergency, a brief electric pulse activates the locking unit via the coil. The drop down deployment container opens and the oxygen masks are released.

Your benefits

  • Reduced weight through compact design
  • Optimized energy consumption through currentless locking
  • High functional safety in accordance with aviation customer specifications