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Kuhnke FIO Safety

Kuhnke FIO

I/O Modules

Kuhnke FIO is a modular I/O terminal with EtherCAT fieldbus connection. It consists of a bus coupler and various I/O modules for connection of the process signals. The EtherCAT protocol remains up to the last module.

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Kuhnke FIO

Product Information

Kuhnke FIO is a system of I/O modules to link the process signals within an EtherCAT network. It consists of the bus coupler and various I/O modules.

In the EtherCAT bus coupler or small controller, the signal processing and the generation of system voltages occur for the I/O module. Between the I/O modules, the EtherCAT protocol is used.

At the end of the modular device the connection of go-and-return line will be closed automatically or transmitted with the help of an extender to the next EtherCAT participants. The small control Kuhnke FIO Controller 113 is a mini-IPC on ARM based.

Modern industry-standard interfaces allow the connection to higher-level controllers as well as the connection of fieldbus devices. The Kuhnke FIO Controller 113 can be individually extended with modules of the FIO I/O system, the programming is done with CODESYS V3.

In addition, you can simply integrate safety technology in the form of the Kuhnke Safety I/O module in order to meet the safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Everything you need to get into the world of control is combined in our Kuhnke starter kits. For example, the CODESYS starter kit Motion offers a modular PLC with a controller module and CODESYS programming for stepper and BLDC motors.

The new Kuhnke FIO CAM Control module is a separate electronic cam controller for cyclic recurring workflows. Whether self-sufficient or networked, it reduces processor load thanks to the highest dynamics and accuracy.


  • Price and application-optimised
  • Quick and easy startup
  • Different IP-protection classes
  • Integrable special functions
  • Compact or modular expandable


  • Machine building
  • Plastics machinery
  • Food processing machinery
  • Power engineering
  • Packaging machinery

General Technical Specifications

Technical Data  
Type Modular I/O terminal
Field bus EtherCAT®
Mounting 35 mm DIN-Rail
Indication LED, assigned to the clamping point locally
Shield connection Directly at module
I/O connection Spring- loaded plug with mechanical ejection
Connection voltage 24 V DC (-20% / +25%)
Temperature range 0 °C … 55 °C
Protection IP 20
Dimensions (WxHxD) 25 x 120 x 90 mm
Housing material Aluminium, plastic
Interference immunity Zone B per EN61131-2

Further Products of the Kuhnke IO Line

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