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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Overview Kuhnke Pneumatic & Fluid Technology

Kuhnke Pneumatic & Fluid Technology

Valve Units, Solenoid Valves, Pressure Regulators and other Components

The reliable Kuhnke pneumatic products and customized solutions are made for sophisticated applications in Machine Building, Medical Technology and Analysis Technology as well as in the Aviation Industry.

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Pneumatic and fluid systems

When it comes to the control of gases and liquids, Kendrion Kuhnke Automation is an experienced and trustful technology partner who is able to offer its customers individual solutions with a wide range of tangible benefits.

Every solution starts out of a comprehensive line of standard products which are primarily targeted at applications with lower and medium orifice ranges (up to 3.5 mm/ 0.138"). These products are well established and highly reliable solutions and thus demonstrate the comprehensive experience of a company that can point to a long track record with pneumatics and fluid technology.

But the basic strength of Kendrion Kuhnke goes way beyond know-how and experience. We consider ourselves as a creative technology partner of our customers who is able to think in complete systems and develops a taylormade solution to match just about any set of requirements. That's why we appreciate it if we are able to work in an interdisciplinary environment and are included in a development project already at an early stage. Experience shows that this is often the key to a totally new approach leading to highly innovative solutions.

Our approach is based upon the combination of modularity and individuality. Doing so, we use our range of standard products as a proven technological basis and employ standardised design processes to develop unique solutions. This allows the realisation of custom designed solutions in a cost effective and economical way.

Another key benefit in working with Kendrion Kuhnke is the intelligent combination of pneumatics, fluid technology and electronics. This means, we not only provide valves featuring exactly the right characteristics. On request, we are also able to integrate all related electronic control functions directly onto the connection board. This results in a fully functional unit that is ready to run and features exactly the form factor required for a respective application. Especially where space is an issue or very special requirements need to be considered, this approach is often exactly the right solution.

We invite you to benefit from Kendrion Kuhnke as a technology partner who is able to think holistically while offering you tangible benefits that will result in cost advantages over the complete life cycle of a machine or system.

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