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Kuhnke Valve Accessories

Pneumatic and electrical connecting elements for Kuhnke valves complete the product portfolio and contribute to their seamless pneumatic and electrical connection within customer’s application.

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Kuhnke Valve Accessories

Product information

Kuhnke accessories like subplates for flange connection or common input manifolds for Kuhnke valves with threaded body make the connection between a central pressurized air supply and the valves. They are used to realize a compact and thereby space-saving design of valve manifolds.

Aluminium subplates for Kuhnke solenoid valves series 63.0 and 63.1 are delivered including self-tapping metal screws. These have to be used instead of self-tapping screws for the plastic subplate system, which are delivered together with the valves by default. The comprehensive assortment of Kuhnke modules for the plastic subplate system consists of common inlet units, single subplates and endplates for individual valve combinations.

The electrical connection of Kuhnke solenoid valves can be made by wire, plug, pins or plug-in socket, depending on the type of solenoid system. Kuhnke plug-in sockets ensure a fixed and secure connection according to IP 65, if properly connected.

General Technical Specifications

Technical data  
Pneumatic connection M5, G1/8
M5, G1/8 Type A, B, C
Tubing sizes of instant push-in subplate systems 4 x 1
4 x 0.65
6 x 1

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