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Kuhnke AirBoxes

Kuhnke AirBoxes

Pneumatic AS-Interface Modules

Kuhnke AS-I field bus modules with digital inputs and pneumatic outputs reach high flows and considerably reduce installation costs in plant engineering.

Kuhnke Pneumatic AS-Interface Modules at a glance

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Kuhnke AirBoxes

Product Information

Kuhnke AirBoxes have two independently controllable 3/2-way or 4/2-way valves and come with two or four digital inputs. Thanks to instant push-in connectors a quick and secure connection is easily done. Connecting and de-connecting of tubes can be done without any additional tooling.

The electrical connection of Kuhnke AirBoxes is made by a flat cable bottom part. The simple connection technique of the AS-Interface system is ensured by the defined electromechanical interface with piercing technology. This technology allows a secure and error-free installation to any user.

Energy and communication data are transferred only by the profiled flat cable. Expensive cable harnesses are ommited, which contributes to massive savings in material and installation costs.

Other advantages of AS-Interface are the simple configuration and freely selectable network topology. All these advantages benefit not only at installation but as well at troubleshooting.

The feedback signal LED for each input, output and the power condition indicates to the user, which functionalities are running. Kuhnke AirBoxes can be used in rough applications due to their IP 65/67 protection class.

A Kuhnke AirBox K can independently control two double-acting cylinders. With its four digital inputs e. g. the end positions of the cylinder can be detected by appropriate sensors. The pressurized air supply is connected by instant push-in connectors. Power supply and communication data transfer of the Kuhnke AirBox are simply done by just one AS-Interface flat cable, which is adapted by plug-and-play piercing technology.


  • Standard module for AS-interface fieldbus
  • Digital inputs, pneumatic outputs
  • High protection class (IP 67)
  • Optional AUX-power
  • Easy installation by piercing technology


  • General machine building
  • Materials handling and process technology
  • Packaging technology
  • Food processing industry

General Technical Specifications

Technical Data  
AS-I Specification 2.0 or 2.1 and 3.0
Digital Input (DI) / Pneumatic Output (PO) 4 DI / 2 PO (AirBox 32/K) or 2 DI / 2 PO (AirBox 1)
Valve function 2 x 3/2-way (monostable) or 2 x 4/2-way valves (electrically bistable) (AirBox K)
Air flow rate at 6/0 bar 550 Nl/min or 700 Nl/min (AirBox K)
Air flow rate at 6/5 bar 350 Nl/min or 500 Nl/min (AirBox K)
Max. current for all inputs together 200 mA or 270 mA (AirBox K)
Extended adressing mode possible (A/B) No
Dimensions 80 x 45 x 48 or 152 x 60 x 45 (AirBox K)

Further Products of the Kuhnke AS-Interface Line

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