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Kuhnke Mechatronic Valve Systems

Kuhnke Mechatronic Valve Systems

In combination with electronics and pneumatics Kendrion Kuhnke Automation develops highly integrated mechatronic systems. Most complex requirements result in powerful fluid technology solutions.

Kuhnke Sub Plate Technology

Product Information

For applications that involve the simple electrical control of many solenoid valves Kendrion Kuhnke Automation can integrate printed circuit board technology in valve manifolds easily.

With the Kuhnke AirBoard®,a printed circuit board in which fluids can be directly moved, Kendrion Kuhnke Automation offers an even more innovative and flexible solution to integrate electronics and pneumatics or fluid technology respectively.

A channel plate with integrated fluid channels, which is covered by a standard printed circuit board on each side, directs the medium from the manifold inlet to the outlet ports. Solenoid valves are electrically and pneumatically connected to the printed circuit board and open or close instantly and on spot. A time-consuming wiring and tubing gets obsolete.

Following this way Kuhnke pressure regulators can be directly integrated to realize specific pressure levels as well. Flows can be controlled with proportional valves or measured with SMD sensors. The AirBoard® technology creates space for new ideas.

The Kuhnke FluidBoard® is based on the same advantages. This turns it into another flexible and highly integratable sub plate system that can be used as a cost-effective sub plate either to link multiple valves and tube connections or to connect valve technology and electronics.

The Kuhnke FluidBoard® consists of at least two plastic boards that are firmly attached to each other by means of laser welding technology. Similar to the Kuhnke AirBoar®, this design allows the realisation of process media ducts in any geometry.

In contrast to the Kuhnke AirBoard®, the Kuhnke FluidBoard® offers a higher level of flexibility when it comes to controlling and dosing of difficile or aggressive process media. This is because the board is available in a wide variety of plastic materials.

Applications in point-of-care diagnostics or laboratory analysis often require not only to control different media, but to solve mechanical functions, too. These requirements can result in complex mechatronic multi-actuators such as Kuhnke AirBoard® and Kuhnke FluidBoard® showing saving potentials to many industries.

Further Products of the Kuhnke Fluid Processing Units / Valve Blocks Line

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