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Hose Clamping Units

Kuhnke Clamping Line

Hose Clamping Units

Application specific solenoid actuators of the Kuhnke Clamping Line for applications in medical technology.

Hose Clamping Units

Product Information

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation develops hose clamping units designed according to your specifications. Such units are typically used in medical or laboratory systems or devices.

These mechatronic assemblies with precisely tuned magnetic and spring-loaded forces take care of secure clamping. Clamping of the hose can be achieved either via the magnetic force (open position without current) or a spring-loaded (closed without current). For increased safety requirements an electronic control system for condition monitoring or flow detection can be integrated.

Depending on the application, single-stroke linear solenoids, reversing solenoids or rotating solenoids are optimized for maximum force at minimum power requirements. Bistable lifting solenoids will maintain the desired position in both directions with the support of a permanent magnet without the need to apply any current. Switching is done by means of electric impulses. These polarized solenoids especially suit battery controlled applications or those needing to operate without mains connection.

The technical specifications stated below are only exemplary:

General Technical Specifications

Technical Data  
Power supply 24 V DC, other alternatives on request
Operating conditions -5 °C until +40 °C or on request
Clamping forces/clamping range On request, depending on hose material and other conditions
Optional functions Position monitoring, flow detection, electronic control
Valve functions Open or closed without current

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