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Holding Solenoids

Kuhnke Holding Line

Holding Solenoids

Cylindrical holding solenoids designed as classic holding solenoids or with permanent magnet support. Suitable for holding, lifting and conveying.

Kuhnke Holding Solenoids

Product Information

Holding solenoids from Kendrion Kuhnke are available as classic holding solenoids or with permanent magnet support. These solenoids are used to hold ferromagnetic materials at a fixed position. The most common application is their use as door holding solenoids. Additional applications include technology areas such as conveyor systems, packaging machines as well as the wide field of traffic & transport.

Pot shaped holding solenoids equipped with a coil for direct current require a counterpart made of ferromagnetic material or any other workpiece with a geometry matching the poles of the solenoid. Please refer to the data sheets to determine the required material thickness.

Holding solenoids with integrated permanent magnets provide their holding function even after the power supply is switched off. Releasing the workpiece only requires a short electric impulse with reverse polarity.

Depending on the required quantity, Kendrion Kuhnke holding solenoids can be adapted cost-efficiently to match any set of requirements. Possible alterations include the position of the mounting holes, specific coil dimensions for alternative operating voltages or specific connection technologies, such as plug-in terminals or connection cables at any required length.

For additional information, technical details and specification sheets, please refer to the download section.

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