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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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optical beam shutter

Optical Beam Shutter Line

High-performance optical beam shutters using electromechanical actuators

Kendrion develops and manufactures high-performance optical beam shutters based on electro-mechanical actuators. We offer a wide range of solutions consisting of rotary solenoids, rotary solenoids with blade and customized solutions.

Optical Beam Shutters

Kendrion’s optical and laser shutters offer a wide range of solutions for blocking beams. The products use electro-mechanical actuators (Kuhnke rotary solenoids), which we have been producing for more than 50 years. Rotary solenoids are operated in self-restoring mode. We offer on request solenoids in many different shapes and sizes from miniature to high-performance, circular or square design, so that our products can fit many different applications. Rotation angles from 25° to 95° can also be accomodated. Standard aperture sizes range from 1 mm to 15 mm. Larger aperture sizes are available on request.

Advanced solenoid technology leads to highly reliable, long life operation, thus exceeding several million cycles. Lifetime values 10-30 million cycles have been proven to be achieved.

Shutter blades, flags and paddles consist of all kind of forms, material, dimensions and coating. On request we integrate position sensors and other features into the optical and laser shutter module. Thus a high degree of safety is performed during long term operation.

The optical and laser shutter systems can operate under extreme temperature conditions, resist shock and vibration and can be easily customized. The beam blocker are light weight, consume low power and are very compact with a small number of moving parts. Our optical shutters are running at a high switching speed up to 5 milliseconds with a precise repeatability.

As we are dedicated to high quality, we manufacture in clean room environment, all parts are mounted free of fat, dirt and dust by highly skilled workers.

General Technical Specifications

Type Self-restoring
Aperture 1 - 15 mm (others on request)
Mechanical rotation 25° - 95°
Response time 5 - 20 ms
Switching frequency 5 - 30 Hz
Operating voltage 24 V DC (others on request)
Operating temperature max. 50 °C (others on request)
Lifetime 10 - 30 Mio cycles

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