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Highly integratable sub plate system FluidBoard® for label printing

Customised Solution

Highly integratable sub plate system FluidBoard® for label printing

Your Application

Modern digital printing machines with innovative inkjet print heads set new standards for label printing. Therefore, it is necessary to have compact and chemically resistant devices for ink control.

Our Solution

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation sets new standards as the leader in ink control for label printing with the introduction of our FluidBoard® used in modern digital printing machines.

The cost efficient FluidBoard® is produced from laser welded plastic plates with embedded media channels. In addition, hydraulic and electronic components can be mounted on the FluidBoard®. Especially the chemical resistance and the compactness of the FluidBoard® make it a custom-fit solution.

Kendrion Kuhnke presents the new generation of FluidBoard® including several fluid isolation valves as well as other components used in this application for ink control and dosing of ink storage applications. It is needed for each colour in the system.

Your Benefits

  • small and compact
  • plug and play
  • ink-resistant