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AirBoard® as Vacuum Distributor

Your Application

In fluidic applications one combines valves, hoses and controlling electronics. Assembling them is tedious.

Our Solution

So Kendion Kuhnke Automation developed an integrated system: the AirBoard®.

The AirBoard® comprises a multilayer printed circuit board, the electronic components, the valves and the fittings in one unit. Instead of hoses ducts, integrated in the circuit board connect the fluidic elements. So the customer gets a compact flat subsystem with no further assembly required. It can be used for non-aggressive gases like air, noble gases, or oxygen and liquids like water, alcohol, and detergents. This possibility to combine any SMD electronic components with customized valve groups and sensors means for the user that all functions between the electronic signal input and the fluid outlet are included. The AirBoard® finds applications in office equipment, printing machinery, medical devices and mobile machines where light weight is required.

Your Benefits

  • Compatible with all soldering processes common for PCBs
  • Usable with water, air oxygen, alcohol, many detergents